Help Us Maintain Jessica's Memory
  When we lost Jessica, we lost one of our most important collaborators and sources of inspiration. Read below to learn how you can help us keep her memory and work alive.

Dear Friend:

If you lived in New York, I would invite you to Lost, so you could hear first hand the masterpiece that Jessica Grace Wing composed for us.

One of the ways that we are honoring her memory is by working to ensure that her musical is given a run equal to the beauty and dignity of her music and to ensure that her memory and work live on.

How can you help?

First, if you know someone in New York, send them to our website
and urge them to see her show. For only $15, it's an amazingly inexpensive way to witness a real musical miracle. We agree with the New Yorker who called the show was "Perfect!"

You can also sign up for our monthy newsletter, to keep informed about progress toward our mission of crafting verse plays for America. Sign up here.

Second, if you know any press, producers or theater companies that might be interested in picking up Lost, let me know. Our goal is to develop the piece and bring it to a much wider audience.

In addition to winning Best Music and Lyrics in the Fringe Festival, you can read what the press have said about the show.

Third, you can make a tax-deductible contribution to Inverse, where we are dedicated to recording Jessica's theatrical compositions, completing her final film, and ensuring that her work lives on.

We are a small and struggling organization, so any size contribution would be greatly appreciated.

-Chad Gracia, Executive Director

Make a Contribution Now

By check

Make your check payable to Inverse Theater, note "Jessica Wing" in memo, and mail to:

Chad Gracia
360 West 43rd Street, Suite N9D
New York, NY 10036

By credit card
By credit card

Call 212/245-4714 if you have questions.


A New Musical by Jessica Grace Wing and Kirk Wood Bromley

Book and Lyrics by Kirk Wood Bromley
Score by Jessica Grace Wing
Directed by Rob Urbinati
Produced and dramaturged by Chad Gracia

Lost is the story of Hanlon & Gabby, abandoned teens struggling to flee the ghosts of the Smoky Mountains and the witch Mamba, who wants to harvest the youngsters' organs.

September 4th - 14th

Read more about the play.

By credit card

Call 212/245-4714 if you have questions.

Jessica Grace Wing

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