Lost - The Musical

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With music by Jessica Grace Wing and words by Kirk Wood Bromley, Lost (directed by Rob Urbinati with musical direction by Valerie Sciarra) is the story of Hanlon and Gabby, two teenage siblings abandoned by their father in the Great Smoky Mountains. Stumbling upon a cabin, they are whisked into the world of Mamba, a witch who runs a Youth Hostel where she watches over a group of children whose organs she farms in order to live forever. Enslaved, Gabby and Hanlon face off with Laborious (Mamba's evil scientist husband), axe-wielding ghouls and hoodoos (all historically-based ghosts of the Appalachian region), and the vagaries of young love.

Mamba and Laborious prepare for the body-theft of Hanlon's brain and Gabby's womb, but the mysterious appearance of a white fawn changes everything.

This re-vamping of the classic Hansel and Gretel story features life size puppets by Broadway puppetmaster Jane Stein, a cast of 13 talented musical performers, a full ensemble, and an extraordinary score of inspired genius by Jessica Grace Wing, whose struggle with cancer during the musical's creation brings an added poignancy to the themes addressed in this epic production.