* Winner of the Cafe Cino Award for Excellence in Off-Off-Broadway
at the NY Innovative Theater Awards 2005
* American Theater Web: "One of Top Three Musicals" in Fringe NYC 2005
* Talkin Broadway: "Outstanding New Musical" - Summer 2005 Citations

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Inverse's new show opens Wednesday, January 7. Are you ready to be touched?

it has no title

it is at the Access Theater Loft Space (380 Broadway, 4th floor, Manhattan)

it is at 8 pm, Wed - Sat, January 7, 8, 9, and 10, 2008

it is FREE and BYOB

in it people in relationships say things to each other like...

are you ever not a difficult visiting multimedia artist?

despite ironic appearances, i clog things.

my naval flotilla can't drink its own bilge water all fleet week!

i've had enough; i'll have another.

my rental heart is overdue at the cry baby.

i've been burned so many times i look like the buddha.

it really turns me on to watch a grown man die.

you are a psychopath that leads to a very dull imaginary kingdom.

love is not made; it's reconstituted out of unusable footage.

why can't you be like my credit cards? they love me for paying the minimum.


We look greatly forward to entertaining you in the theater on these magical evenings of incredible togetherness and personal transformation!

reservations not required. first come first saved.

the actors are:

Anna Elwood, Anni Bruno, Annie Scott, Lora Chio, Michael O'Brien, Darius Stone, Shawn Laine, Joe Pindelski, Christopher Yeatts, Robert Laine, Timothy Reynolds, Sarah Engelke, Vanessa Vivezza, Rachel Tieman, Josh Hartung

music by John Gideon
costumes by Karen Flood
properties by Jane Stein
lights by Jeff Nash
stage management by Bettina Warshaw
asst. stage management by Shawn Laine
words and direction by Kirk Wood Bromley